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Turning Technologies Response Devices

Turning Technologies set the standard in participation devices by creating small, compact keypads for added flexibility and ease of use.

Explore our options for simple responding with tremendous results.

ResponseCard RF LCD

ResponseCard RF LCD is the size of a credit card, but with an LCD screen for visual confirmation. Like our standard RF ResponseCards, our LCD model is durable, portable and reliable. Streamlined components and improved speed of responses make this keypad an excellent choice for presenters and participants.

  • Visual Confirmation - displays participant choices, battery life and channel setting on screen
  • Ultimate Portability - lightweight, credit card size eliminates shipping costs of bulky technology
  • Reliable RF Technology - transmits responses accurately, timely and effortless to USB receiver
  • Self Programming - manually set new ID number of choice, or use ResponseCard Programmer

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ResponseCard RF

ResponseCard RF is also the size of a credit card. Its features and functionality to ensure that thousands of responses are transmitted accurately, timely and effortlessly to TurningPoint® presentations.

  • Ultimate Portability - lightweight, compact size eliminates shipping bulky technology
  • Ultimate Durability - rugged case ensures longevity under extreme conditions
  • Reliable RF Technology - 82 sessions can run in close proximity without interference
  • Expanded Range - 121.92 meters range, all participant responses will be easily captured
  • RemotePoll - respond with RF in multiple, remote locations to TurningPoint slides

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ResponseCard LT

ResponseCard LT is the latest cost-effective keypad. LT utilises the same, reliable radio frequency technology as standard keypads, but has been re-engineered to incorporate cost reductions that ensure reliability of response transmission in a durable, compact case.

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ResponseCard QT

QT Device provides the same, reliable radio frequency (RF) technology and features as other RF keypads, but with a full, ergonomic QWERTY keyboard for easy text input. Detailed feedback can be gathered from open-ended questions for collection of critical data. Large LCD screen and backlight provide clear viewing of responses, channel number and battery life.

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ResponseCard NXT

ResponseCard NXT offers the same response features as other RF keypads, with advanced capabilities. The NXT’s built-in number, character and punctuation support provides users with a wider range of responding to questions from the given cell-phone styled entry feature.

  • Instant feedback - The instructor can display total points, total percentage or custom messages to each participant
  • Participant ID's - The participants ID is sent with their response
  • Self-paced Test Mode - Allows users to skip and go back to questions at their own time

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ResponseCard IR

Small and medium size groups will benefit the most from this ResponseCard that uses "line-of-sight" technology. With almost identical functionality to our RF design, the IR model operates just like a remote control.

  • Ultimate Portability - credit card size, ResponseCard travels easily and cheaply
  • Ultimate Durability - slender, strong case ensures a long life of responding
  • Reliable IR Technology - use in smaller, secure environments with no RF interference
  • User Friendly - like its RF counterpart, the IR uses simple 12 key response system
  • RemotePoll - respond with IR in multiple, remote locations to TurningPoint slides

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Also allow your audience members to response via a web-based polling application. Participants will use familiar technology such as mobile devices, laptops desktops and more.

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PresenterCard gives presenters the ability to be mobile in a classroom while polling a classroom/training room.

PresenterCard TurningPoint Features:
  • Start/Stop button and Forward button will advance PowerPoint and open polling on TurningPoint slides.
  • Back button will go to the previous action in PowerPoint.
  • Show/Hide button will blackout or show presentation.
  • Allows users to customise 3 programmable buttons through settings.

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ResponseCard XR

The XR is designed for a variety of responses. Its multi-line LCD display and alphanumeric entry provide for not only multiple choice questions, but also allow for multiple response, fill-in-the-blank or essay questions.

  • Ultimate Portability - size of a deck of cards, compact design for easy transportation
  • Self-Paced Testing - perfect for training environments where assessment is critical
  • Self-Registration - self-register with alphanumeric entry, no more participant lists
  • Large Storage Capacity - can store five 100 question tests, providing maximum usage
  • Programmable - use our ResponseCard Programmer to program a six digit ID number

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