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What is an Audience Reponse System?

A powerful way to connect and communicate during meeting and events. Audience Response is a tool used to create interactive presentations. Speakers connect with audiences using simple, intuitive polling software and response devices. Available to rent, our systems will produce the greatest return on investment at the lowest industry prices.

Want to produce a memorable event and collect data from hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of participants? We can do that.

Want to hear simultaneous feedback from groups in separate locations across the globe in real-time? No problem.

Want to gauge the effectiveness of an event without spending countless hours sorting through paper surveys? We've got you covered.


Why Utilise an Audience Response System?

A damaged economy, budget adjustments and exaggerated travel costs are just a few of the hurdles that event planners are currently facing. Less emphasis on expensive cuisine or renowned entertainment is allowing for the real focus of such gatherings to emerge. To attendees who are cutting back on corporate travel, session content is more important than event location.

Traditional presentations may contain valuable information, but are often the victim of cluttered slides and struggling attention spans. Audience Response offers a unique way to not only keep attendees awake, but also keep them engaged and interested in session material.

Luckily for event coordinators, our response technology is easily implemented into any environment. No installation, confusing software or bulky hardware is required. Our powerful systems come in a small package but pack a powerful punch that will transform any event into an entertaining, interactive session. Give each attendee a ResponseCard® keypad and the audience will feel like a part of the program.

With a team of specialists prepared to handle all of your response needs from start to finish, we guarantee a smooth, effective event.

When addressing a crowd, a speaker faces enormous pressure to make presentations interesting and enjoyable for the audience. Keeping the attention of potentially thousands of participants can be an intimidating task, and a slideshow alone won't keep seats filled.

While audience response may be an exciting way to energise a crowd, presenters truly see the most value from its implementation at events. Not only does it relieve the stress associated with entertaining a group, it also has behind-the-scenes benefits to dramatically improve your event.

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Powerful Presentations

The most obvious advantage of integrating response technology is the effect it has on an audience. Polling has gained tremendous popularity in the most recent years, with nearly every website asking its readers to lend their opinion on relevant topics. The concept is simple, yet enormously successful. Take this idea, add it to your presentation and see the results pour in.

Audience Assessment

Most events often have an educational purpose behind the exotic location or extravagant cuisine. If you want to confirm that your audience is really benefiting from the agenda, conduct testing questions during your presentation. Real-time results will allow speakers to confirm understanding or review critical concepts if necessary.

Data Collection

Polling an audience is a great way to engage participants, but the detailed results that follow are the real reason presenters advocate response technology. Over 30 different reports will make all the difference when determining if an event is effective among other important issues. Save a tree - eliminate the time, frustration and money spent on paper surveys.

Increased ROI and ROO

We could easily tell you that our products offer return on investment and return on objectives without having the data to support the claim. Fortunately for us, we have numerous case studies of satisfied customers who assert that not only is the technology worth the investment, it truly aligns with overall organisation goals.

The TurningPoint Product Suite

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