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Welcome to Keepad Interactive

Keepad Interactive (Keepad), with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, is an international ICT & AV supplier with a focus on group engagement and interactive solutions to the education and professional sectors.

Keepad is focused on the pedagogical benefits of technology and offers a suite of interactive learning solutions that empowers educators, trainers and presenters to more fully engage their audience or class in a Participant Centric manner. More


What is TurningPoint ARS?

TurningPoint is Keepad Interactive's best-of-breed choice of Audience Response Systems.

The TurningPoint ARS system is an integral part of the Teach, Assess and Poll focus. TurningPoint ARS allows full interactivity, engaging each and every audience member by giving them a voice in the form of a credit card sized keypad. More

eBeam Interactive Whiteboard - portable, mobile or fixed solutions

Around the world, eBeam is transforming classrooms and conference rooms into dynamic, collaborative spaces with powerful devices that are affordable, easy to install and use, and build on the equipment you already own, like existing whiteboards or projectors.

eBeam IWB is an innovative affordable and scalable portable, mobile or fixed interactive whiteboard solution (IWB) that can transform almost any smooth surface, including existing whiteboards, into an interactive workspace.


EPSON 3LCD Data Projectors & Document Camera

Keepad Interactive offers the supply and installation of Mobile, Desktop, Venue and Short Throw 3LCD Epson Data Projectors that operate natively in 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen) resolutions for use in the classroom, lecture theatre, meeting room, conference venue or for mobile use.

Epson is the world’s leading Data Projector manufacturer.


Nova5000 Data Logger

Keepad Interactive offers the class leading stand alone Nova5000 Student Learning & Data Logger Device which has an easy to handle large 7” Touchscreen Tablet Form Factor together with the Fourier USBLink device that allows you to use a computer to provide the processing power to conduct experiments.

Both devices utilise the renowned award winning MultiLab software and range of Fourier Sensors & Probes.


Samsung Large Format Displays

Keepad Interactive offers the leading range of Samsung displays with features including Embedded PC, Network Connectivity, Touch Screen and modular Video Wall Products. Samsung’s range of Large Format Displays (LCD and Plasma) will promote your brand and display your presentation with industry leading image quality.

Adding accessories like the Digital TV Tuner (SBB), Welcome Board and signage software, you’re able to watch TV, display your content and broadcast your message across a network of screens anywhere in the world! Ideal for Schools, University Campuses or Commercial environments.


ED-E The First Programmable Humanoid Robot for Education

Designed by the Transformers artist, ED-E holds instant appeal for students and teachers. Designed to help students engage with and enjoy ICT, science and technology across the curriculum, ED-E is the perfect addition to any classroom.

We also have Bee-Bot designed for ICT in Early Years and Primary and Pro-Bot the more advanced cousin of the Bee-Bot.


Educational Aids

Keepad has searched extensively to bring you a host of innovative resources which will further inspire your ICT imagination.